What to Wear

Clothing choices can make or break a portrait.  A perfect portrait has a cohesive look and feel in both the expression, the posing and the clothing.   Here are some general pointers and then there are specific pointers for different categories. 

In General

Bold patterns, large plaids and high contrast clothing draws the eye away from the person in the photo.  It's the first thing we notice when we look at a picture.  For women I recommend that all clothing cover the shoulders and has a tiny bit of sleeve, unless it is a sundress.  Sleeveless shirts always make arms look bigger in portraits.  In addition, be aware that in posing, we may have you leaning forward or even laying down, so please don't choose deep necklines that show much more in those positions.  


in families, we are not taking a picture of 3-5 individuals.  We are taking a picture of one family.  That's why it's so important to have a cohesive look in posing and also in clothing.  If one person is wearing something that really stands out, it doesn't look like they are united and draws attention away from the family togetherness.  That being said, if you were walking down the street in all matching outfits, it would also draw a lot of attention because we don't dress that way.  So, finding a balance is perfect.  I recommend that you choose a color scheme that coordinates with the decor of the room you will be hanging your portrait in.  Then, choose clothing that works for the whole family.  In family pictures, it is especially important that there is less contrast in clothing, NO bold patterns, plaids or colors.  Neon colored shirts really detract from the group. Choose a color scheme that reflects your personalities and coordinates with the colors in the room you want to hang your wall portrait.  This makes for a better look and feel in the home and makes your portraits beautiful wall decor as well as meaningful art.  Lay out the colors on the couch or floor of that room and think of it as one big outfit.  It makes it easier to coordinate your clothes and see who the portrait will look in that room.

inspiration for families:

color and style choices  for a blue, teal and khaki color scheme -

another color combination for family portraits

Classic beach color scheme:

beach tones family portrait collection

jewel tones:

jewel tone family portrait ensemble

blacks and greys:

(only womens clothes shown here)

Black and grey but not boring



bright pastel family photo session ensemble

fall leaves:

fall colors family portrait wardrobe

inspiration for couples:

Couple clothes for a photo session


High School Seniors

For seniors, it is important to reflect who you are at this stage of your life.  Bring 4-6 outfits (even the guys) and I'll make recommendations about what looks best for the camera.  Make sure to bring something neutral that you like, such as a solid colored shirt.  Be sure to bring a more formal outfit, like a suit and tie (or just a shirt and jacket) or classic looking dress.  Some clothing is very trendy and fun, so we want to be sure we have something classic that will still be in style for years to come.  Having both looks is important to reflect who you are.

inspiration for high school seniors:

The Diva:

Red and black retro

Classic Male:

mens casual photo session ensemble

The Hipster:

photo session clothing for the male fashionista

Earthy Elegance:

earthy with a touch of chic and romance