What makes us different than other photographers? Connection. Fun. Real life. 

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What is connection?

Look at the facial expressions in the pictures you see here.  They are connected with the camera.  There is real emotion in the pictures.  You aren't just looking at their face.  That is what makes our images amazing.


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Heck yeah!  Our studio has a basket by the couch.  Instead of magazines, it is full of Nerf guns and darts.  That's the way we roll.  Be warned that you might get loud, crazy, spontaneous, occasionally irreverent, happy, fun and corny jokes to make your session a blast and get you to relax and get those real emotions.  But that isn't enough.  We want really good memories, too.  That is what you will feel every time you look at these pictures, and believe me, Mom will hang this pictures on her walls for the rest of her life.  You don't want a photo session.  You want a great experience to go with those pictures.


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Posing has to look real and normal - unless we are trying for that fashion/edgy look.  We know how to pose you to make you look your very best and me manage to do that and still keep you looking natural.  Expressions - they are who you really are.  We get a smirk, a serious look, a dreamy look, a smile, a big smile, a laughing-so-hard-milk-is-coming-out-of-your-nose smile, and everything in between.  You are still part kid and mostly adult.  We want to get all of that.


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Why are senior pictures so important?

After 12 years of school pictures, you may not have another photo session until you get married- if you do.  So for your senior pictures, we want to make it count.  This age doesn't happen again.  We LOVE this stage of your life.  You deserve to have an amazing session that makes you feel and look incredible and expresses who you are.  

Senior pictures are all about you.  Your grandparents want some traditional shots and smiles.  Your parents want to see you looking your best.   But you might want to try something more edgy or adventurous to make a statement about who you are.  There are so many sides to you. We get that and are all about putting that into your pictures.


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Why settle for anything else?  

Not sure if we are the right fit for you? Look around and see if you get that connection in the eyes and expressions of other photographers.  Is the lighting good?  Does the posing look good and is it flattering?  Did your friends have a great experience that they absolutely loved, or was it just a nice photo session?  Don't regret your senior picture photographer!  When you are done looking around, call us and make your appointment.  Welker Photography is the best Senior Photographer in southwest Idaho.


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