You only get one senior year.

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Boise High Senior Pictures Welker Photography - Senior PhotographerSenior Pictures for Boise High Student DVDThis is the picture on the DVD that gives her this video and the digital files she purchased. Senior Pictures are a big part of senior year and getting ready to graduate and go to college. Her parents love the pictures and how could they not? I dare you to watch the video and not smile.

After this year, Boise High School will never be the same.


Senior year is an amazing time. Friends, sports, activities and clubs, prom, senior projects, texting, homecoming, college applications, waiting and hoping for acceptance letters, final exams, snapchatting, realizing this is it, and graduation mixed all together is what we call senior year. Crazy, stressful, amazingly good times. And then you go your separate ways. You leave high school behind. 

The tradition of senior or graduation pictures is almost as old as photography.  In the main office at Boise High School, you can see the senior pictures of the first graduating classes in the early 1900's.  

Today, after 12 years of annual pictures, Seniors get a chance for the big and final photo session.  After that, annual photo sessions aren't there, and there may not be more professional photos until a wedding - if there is one.  It's an important tradition with this family, so we put together a session that showed her interest in drama, the outdoors, her dog, and her school.  Our makeup artist took great care of her for the first glam part of the photo session.  Then our lighting assistant, editor, and Marit, the photographer, put together a collection of photos so she could join the wall of fame where her brother is displayed and mom and dad can enjoy their portraits for a lifetime.

So, how would I describe the time with Tara? Fun. Getting different looks and locations takes time, but it's worth it.  After all, she'll only be a senior once.

High School Senior Pictures Boise Idaho PhotographerBoise High School will never be the same, after Tara leaves. She is SO much fun. And her love of drama, the outdoors, her dog and her cow stool are all a part of her. Senior Pictures should be about each individual senior and a senior photographer needs to make this happen and make it fun. Our Makeup Artist, lighting assistant, editor and photographer Marit Welker work together to create something that's right for each person. Welker Photography of Eagle Idaho, serves all of Boise. Call us for more information at 208-871-2878

Can you look at these pictures without smiling?  


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