My Parents

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My parents came to town.  They aren't usually excited to have their pictures taken.  AT ALL.  So, I didn't think I could coax them into a real photo session comfortably.  After church, they were dressed up, hair done, etc.  I suddenly asked if I could take some pictures and they said yes. Welker Photography contrast-101 final wsWelker Photography contrast-101 final ws

My parents don't relax as well in front of a camera.  (neither do I) but I was able to get real smiles, real expressions, and real personality.  The quality of the pictures isn't up to my normal standards, but the expressions and emotions are always more important to me and these were great.  All I had to do was bring up the UNO game from the night before to get us all laughing.  It was a lot of fun taking the pictures making for some good memories.  

Can you tell how much fun they are?  Can you tell how much they love each other?  Can you see why I love them?  Just for kicks, I told my mom that I was going to take some "senior pictures" of her since she's a senior.  So I posed her like the teens I take pictures of.  It was pretty goofy, but fun.

These are not my best work, but I love them anyway.   It's been many years since they had a formal portrait.  And I didn't want to miss out on this chance.  They are both in good health, but in 15-20 years, when they're gone, these pictures and memories will be such a treasure to me and my children. 

Mature clients don't usually want pictures taken of themselves.  And women sometimes avoid the camera as they age or gain weight.  But, capturing fun through the years is important.  I was really self conscious about pictures of me after I had children.  I thought I looked awful.  One day my daughter saw a picture of me.  She squealed with delight, "MOMMY!!"  I vowed then that I would be in more pictures.  It wasn't for me, but it is important for the future.  Pictures of the people I love will be valuable beyond words when they are gone.  And even if I just spontaneously did this to get my parents to sit for me, I have their smiles for a lifetime!

Get pictures taken.  Get them of your parents.  Get them of yourselves.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you!

Here's the video of my parents and our spontaneous pictures in my living room. Senior CoupleMy parents. A spontaneous photo session. Just after church, I grabbed my camera. Can you just tell how much fun they are? I love my parents a ton!


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