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With the new year people are taking stock of their lives.  That goes for their business as well as their personal lives.  It's time to evaluate where you stand and decide if you need a change.  
A first impression can't be redone.  In the digital world, more often than not, that first impression is made through a profile picture, headshot, or press release photo.  In a competative world, shopping for the right seller, buyer, agent, business, product, employee, etc. requires that online research.   Having a good headshot is like having your best things in your store window.  A poor headshot is like putting the clearance rack that no one bought in your store window.  What does your headshot say about you?
Professional?  Approachable?  Friendly?  Serious?  Powerful?  Confident?  Fun? Modern and in touch?  Tough?  Experienced?  Reserved?  Outgoing?  Strong?  Cheerful?  Exuberant?  
Different lighting, posing, camera angle, clothing, location and backgrounds communicate different feelings.  What do you want to say?  Say it loudly with a quality head shot.  Below are some samples shown for diversity.   
What do you want to see about yourself?  What is right for your position and industry? 
Executives and judges may need to look powerful.  Sales people may need to look friendly and friendly, but professional.  Some need to look more relaxed and approachable.  Younger professionals may need to compensate for their age and lack of experience with a more serious head shot.  What about actors and modeling?  That is another focus entirely which I will address in another blog post another day.  
Are you happy with what your current head shot says about you?  Is it current?  If you aren't sure, call today.  An evaluation of what you want and need to communicate can help you to decide.  


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