Jessie's Family photo session in Eagle Idaho

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Horney-264 improved 8x10Horney-264 improved 8x10

When I met Jessie and her family, I was so impressed with how she decorated her beautiful home.  It had such a welcoming and comfortable feel.  The Walls were full of love with pictures of friends, family and happy memories.  And her beautiful children stole my heart from her daughter stacking blocks and giggling proudly each time she knocked them over, to her sweet little boy's cuddly nature.  I could have held him for a month!  I was so excited to take their pictures.

156 color156 color On the day of our photo session, I got to meet dad.  His eyes mesmerized me.  They have amazing flecks of color and as a photographer, I was enthralled.  Of course, to others, that is kind of creepy, so I try to not mention it.  But, as a full time photographer, I spend about 1/3 of my time staring at faces zoomed all the way in as I am editing my images.  So, when I see interesting details, I get excited about it.  (like I said, it's kind of creepy, if I actually express it so I try to keep it to myself.)

Their little boy was not feeling well so it wasn't much fun for him.  We went down by the river next to Bardenays Restaraunt (my favorite restaurant in Eagle) and took photos on the rocks by the river.  The sweet daughter loved throwing rocks in and had to be coaxed back to pose every few minutes.  Since we wanted it to be fun, and to document her stage of life, we let her go and play.  It was a shallow little channel to the side.  I was surprised that she didn't fall in, but she was having so much fun that her expressions were real and not fake smiles.  (If you follow my blog, you know that I hate fake expressions and I much prefer a thoughtful gaze to a smile that doesn't reach the eyes.)

Then, we stopped over but the Landing Community center and took some pictures on their lawn and at their fence.  As you can tell, I loved celebrating their relationships and the love they have for their children!   

Here is a video I made of some of my favorite pictures.  Which one do you like best?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Sometimes, blogging can feel like I am talking to no one, so I love to hear what you think!

And to Jessie, thanks for choosing me and letting me know and love your adorable family!


Be sure to set this video to 720p HD so you can see the pictures better.

Jessie's FamilyBeautiful family on a Saturday morning in Eagle, Idaho



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