Lilacs and Rain - family pictures in spring

July 31, 2014  •  1 Comment

Boise Photographer-7276Boise Photographer-7276 It was a rainy Saturday and a bit chilly.  I arrived to take family photos and the weather was not cooperating.  But when this happens, we can usually accommodate to make things work.  Fortunately, we cut a break.  After a slow start to our session, the rain turned to scattered sunshine with occasional sprinkling.  We decided to brave it and take some pictures outdoors.  Their back yard is lovely, with lilacs, trees, and comfortable seating, making it a perfect place to celebrate this awesome family.  Mom has a family picture taken in summer and really wanted a picture with the spring lilacs for this year's family picture.

Boise Photographer-7301Boise Photographer-7301 As you can see in the pictures, Mom and Dad had a lot of fun and their kids did too.  You can tell it didn't take much effort to coax smiles and goofiness out of their son.  His long pants rolled up made the pictures even cuter.  

Boise Photographer-7256Boise Photographer-7256 Boise Photographer-7257Boise Photographer-7257 Boise Photographer-7266 croppedBoise Photographer-7266 cropped

The daughter has a more reserved personality and it was fun to capture her sweetness and that special  Daddy/daughter relationship.  Even though you can see that she likes to play around in these pictures, when she is being more calm, you see great strength and peace in her eyes.  

   Boise Photographer-7415Boise Photographer-7415   Boise Photographer-7448Boise Photographer-7448 Boise Photographer-7443Boise Photographer-7443 Boise Photographer-7446Boise Photographer-7446 Boise Photographer-7435Boise Photographer-7435

As the session progressed, we tried to keep it fun for everyone -which meant slow progress for creating usable photos, but fun memories with a 7 year old boy who does NOT want to sit still and look at the camera.  Then, the sprinkling stopped and the sun started to come out.  Yay! The grass was still wet, but the adventurous son was willing to lay down on it for a few pictures.   Can you tell just how fun, rambunctious, adorable, mischievous he is?  It's the perfect recipe for a seven year old boy.

Boise Photographer-7596Boise Photographer-7596 Boise Photographer-7598Boise Photographer-7598 Boise Photographer-7577Boise Photographer-7577

I love how much fun this family has and especially the obvious love they have with each other.  Those daddy/daughter and mother/son memories are something that mean a lot now and even more in the future.  I don't like stuffy posed shots with smiles that are just on the mouth, so this family was great to work with!  We took some more traditional pictures in spite of wet patio furniture and grass, and they were wiling to try some more relaxed shots.  Their real personalities and relationships came out in spades.  We had fun and made memories that will linger for a lifetime!  Now, they have a collection of images for their family room that tells the story of their life at this age.  And with all those warm, fuzzy feelings each time they look at the pictures.  Now THAT is exciting!

Boise Photographer-7348Boise Photographer-7348

This is the preview video they saw to choose their images and it has a whole lot more fun and memories.  I LOVE the out takes!

Alex and Britt's family

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I especially like the ones of Britt with Tobin and Alex with Cora...the love shows through!
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