Mark and Melinda

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better IMG_8386 final with vintage flareWelker Photography of Boise Idaho portrait photographers kissing picture"Is this a kissing book?"  I specialize in Family and High School Senior Portrait Photography and not Event Photography, I don't get to do too many engagement photo sessions.  They are usually done by the wedding photographer.  So, taking these pictures of this amazing couple was a special treat!!!

It was a hot afternoon and we were excited to get started at the Boise Train Depot.  We wanted to showcase some of their interests so we started with a few dressed up shots in front of the building.  Mark is fond of trains and the tracks were a great place for them to take a few pictures.*  Later, we moved on to more comfortable and casual shots.  They looked great in their comfortable clothes.  (Embrace the plaid!) 

Can you just see how much Melinda loves to laugh?  She and Mark were talking, teasing, laughing and having fun.  Mark is the more serious and quiet one, but they both did their share of laughing.  The love between them is tangible.  I felt at moments that I was intruding on their private world.  They are so cute!  After an afternoon of talking and laughing, I can just imagine the fun these two are going to have over the years!

I included some of my favorite photos and then there is a video of their favorite photos after that.  Enjoy and please leave a comment to tell me which one you liked the best!  Thanks!!


*(of course, this is a dead line owned by the park - not by the train.  It is illegal and dangerous to take pictures on any line that is alive!)

And finally, here is the video of their favorites!  Can't wait to see them in print!! (someday my prints will come- photography humor with a Disney twist for Melinda...)

Mark and Melinda Engagement Session slideshowHere are a few of their favorite photos. Which one do you like best? I would really love to hear!




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