Valentines Traditions

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Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0372Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0372 I have been revisiting Valentine's past and discovered that the little activities I did for my kids became treasured traditions.  I first realized last week when my 13 year old asked if the kids would be getting 'hearts' this year.  Then, I remembered that when my kids moved out, they took their 'hearts' with them.  It all started when my next door neighbor got a surprise "heart attack" on her front door one year on her birthday.  I thought it was such a cute idea, that I did it to my kids on Valentine's.  They get many hearts of various sizes and shapes and colors.  Most have a message as corny as a conversation heart, or something that I think is special about them.  These personalized messages became little love letters.  Yet, I didn't think about it until I was asked.   That got me thinking - I have so many fun memories of traditions that we did when I was a kid - decorating the house, notes in our lunch boxes, making crafts, daddy-daughter dates, and more.  What other fun traditions do I have or should I have for my family?

Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0439Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0439

So, I came up with a new tradition.  I found a post on Pinterest that was gorgeous and a friend showed me how and offered to let me use her materials to help me get started.  Her cookies looked amazing.  Ours did not.  But, we all had fun.

My 8 year old helped make the dough and roll out the cookies.  Then her sister joined her as we made the icing and began piping edges on our cookie design.  Next, we made our little embellishments that made each cookie unique.  Some of them were VERY unique.  My 8 year old was prolific in her cookie decorating.  Even my 17 year old son got involved.  Can you tell which one was made by him?

I think the best part was that we were listening to fun music together and having a great time.  The laughing and the yummy cookies pulled our hermit out of her room and even my husband had to see what was happening - and steal several undecorated cookies.    I took pictures, of course, and the memories will linger because of the pictures.  So, I decided that this will be a new tradition.  Maybe I will get ambitious and throw in Easter cookies, Halloween Cookies and even adapt our current Christmas cookie tradition to include some of these!

The recipes I used are at these sites.  I did make one adjustment to the cookies and icing.  I used pure lemon extract in place of almond extract in the cookies, and instead of a few drops of clear extract in the icing, I used a little less water and more extract.  They tasted like lemon sugar cookies and the royal icing was actually good to eat!  So give it a try if you want to make some serious mess and delicious treats.  Or, create your own tradition but please share it here, because I am looking for new ideas for my own family!

Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0436Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0436


Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0445Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0445

And happy Valentine's day to you, too!

Here is the original cookie recipe.

And here is the Royal Icing recipe I used.  (Don't thin the flood icing too much.)
Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0377Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0377 Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0437Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0437 Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0380Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0380

This is how our day ended, and it made me laugh!  But, the cookies lasted for days and we made some great memories! Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0447Boise Photographer Valentines cookies-0447




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