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Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 195Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 195

Let me introduce you to my friend Lindsay.  

I met her when I dropped something by her house for a community service organization fundraiser.  Her dog greeted me with excitement and affection.  She was so adorable and has a smile that just won't stop.  I thought at the time how much I would love to take her families pictures. 


Later, she called me and we set up our appointment.  It was so much fun to plan where to hang the pictures.  We found just the right spot and planned clothing to make sure that her beautiful portraits would also become art that complemented her home.

The Session

On the session day, I was setting up at the barn where we were going to take pictures.  I spilled something of questionable origin on my shirt and it stunk so bad.  Right after that they arrived.  Talk about a great first impression, right?  But, we had a good time anyway. 

Lindsay was excited for the session and you could tell that she had managed to create that expectation in all of her family.  They'd dressed  in coordinating outfits following the suggestions I sent her, based on her home's color scheme and their personalities.*  They looked great and she had everyone prepared to have fun.  No one was stressed.  Yes, that took some work! I love when the planning pays off and the expectation is in place to create a great memory and document it instead of just taking pictures of what they look like. 


Her husband was easy going and so friendly.  And the kids were too adorable.  We started with slightly stiff smiles, but loosened up quickly.  The barn that I take pictures at is great because it is so relaxed and the light there is gorgeous.  Most people relax more outdoors and often my clients want to try something different than the usual downtown parks or train depot.  

Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 120Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 120
Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 111Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 111

Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 051Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 051

The kids played on the hay bales, climbed the fence, and had a great time.  I love the vibrant, toothless smiles of the little one.  The shy and contemplative expressions of the middle child were so sincere.  And the oldest daughter was so much fun with her stunning eyes and willingness to show her personality in front of the camera!   The parents.  No words needed.  Their pictures say it all.
  Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 226Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 226   Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 189  croppedBoise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 189 cropped
  Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 360 finalBoise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 360 final Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 318Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 318   Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 009Boise Family Photographer 10-10-2015 009

The Results

At our ordering appointment, it was tough to choose, but they ordered some beautiful portraits in an arrangement for their wall.  I know it will make them happy every time they walk past.

There was so much love between all of them.  It just made me want to take them all home with me.  So, I sort of did -when I updated my sample portraits, the framed fine art canvas with the gel protection that's applied with brush strokes is created with their family and I get to show it to clients all the time!

St. Marys Boise Family Photographer 2014 740 croppedSt. Marys Boise Family Photographer 2014 740 cropped


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*Here's the inspiration board I sent to create her own clothing assortment for the family. 


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