Boy are you in trouble!

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AUGH!  It's that time of year again!

Are you stumped about what to give your parents who have everything, your employees for the hard work they've done this year, your extended family?  Cash is impersonal Gift Certificates can feel generic,  You don't have time to shop.  And you need something that's right for everyone - like that's possible!


Stop worrying and turn it over to me and my elves.   

We make it easy and make you look good!  

  • Gifts that fit everyone? Check.  
  • Personal, valuable, useful, surprising and generous presents that will make you stand out and look even better than Santa?  Check.
  • Fast, Gift wrapped, and delivered? Check.
This year, there are 3 specials that can be adapted to anyone's needs.

Option 1: The Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for a photo session and wall portrait.  To show the value of this gift, it's presented in festive packaging with fine chocolates and holiday decor to your taste.  If you buy on or before December 18 you get a $100 frame credit added to the session!  To further simplify your life, delivery is available by Welker Photography's elves!  pricing starts at $499.
St. Marys Boise Family Photographer 2014 740St. Marys Boise Family Photographer 2014 740


Option 2: A Gift for Family and Holiday Decoration

Start a new tradition with a specially priced mini holiday photo session to create gift portraits.  One free high quality wood 5x7 frame in traditional wood style or whimsical red and green is included with each session!.  Whether it's the kids dressed in red and green, your dog in a santa hat, or the whole family, these framed pictures become holiday treasures that are pulled out year after year as personal decorations.  They also make great gifts for the family.  These mini sessions will only be available on December 16 from 3-9:00 pm.  The prints and frame can be picked up on December 22nd after 3 pm and they'll be in a gift bag all ready to go!   Session cost is $89.  Packages start at $99.



Option 3: The 'Family's in Town for the Holidays' Photo Session

Orchestrate a family photo session with all the family that is in town over the holidays!  Happy memories make the best gift!  Purchase this session before December 22 and receive a $200 frame credit!!  Sessions will be available on December 23, 26,27, and 29. Travel to the family cabin is possible for an additional fee. Session fee for extended family session is $199.  


Your presents say a lot about you.  Show them how awesome you are!


Call today while we still have openings over the holidays!  


8179564865_cbdc067ef6_o8179564865_cbdc067ef6_oRed gift box with ribbon.


Now, back to baking...
attribution required Michael Savinoattribution required Michael Savino

What to get for whom?

  • For your assistant or an important employee: option 1.
  • For your parents: option 2 or 3
  • For your spouse: option 1, 2, or 3 - or even suprise him or her with a portrait of you, the kids or his or her beloved dog/dogs to display at the office!
  • For your extended family: option 1,2 or 3
Leave a comment telling what option you think would make the best gift?


more details:

additional frames and portraits can be purchased with all sessions.
Mini sessions will have reduced prices through packages only available at these sessions.  Mini sessions do not offer delivery.  Mini session last about 25 minutes with ordering which is done immediately the pictures are taken.  These sessions take about an hour.  
'Family in Town sessions' are adaptable to include group shots, individual family pictures and indiviual pictures of couples, children, etc. If pictures of each sibling or grandchild are included, plan on more time.  The frame credit can be split between family members.  I'm available for indoor or outdoor locations, including your home. Portraits sessions are available in Ada County or at your cabin or vacation home for an additional travel expense.  
'Family in Town sessions' will receive a refund of the session fee if cancelled for illness or weather conditions.  Other cancellations without 48 hours notice will receive a refund of half of the session fee.  
Gift certificates have no cash value.  Gift certificates expire in one year.  After that, the purchase value will be credited toward purchases at the new current prices.


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