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Johns family HallJohns family Hall

When I meet with you the first time, I come to your home to talk about what you want to do with your portraits.  Like many of my clients, you are willing to invest in a quality photography experience, but don't have a specific idea of what to do with your pictures.  In general, you may be thinking about getting a few pictures to send to relatives and maybe an 8x10 for your piano or even a 16x20 over the couch.  My job isn't to sell you something you don't want, but to show you what your options are so you can make an educated decision about what works for you.  We consider different display areas in your home and I might make a few suggestions.  Then, I take pictures of all the locations you might consider.  (for a few clients, I have them take snapshots and send them to me from their phone.)  This seems odd at first, but it helps you to make the right decision for you at the ordering appointment and thrills you with the end result!

Boise Photographer image 9599Boise Idaho Photographer creates family memories and wall artI love the connection I feel here. And the background is so much fun to shoot against!

One great client came to me for family pictures for the first time in about 10 years.  She was excited and had ideas about what to wear and where she might like to take pictures.  But, like most clients she didn't know specifically what she wanted to do with them.  It can be especially hard if you have two homes, to decide which pictures to display in which space.  So, at her request we skipped taking her wall pictures.  She had more options than most, so I thought it would be fine.

When she got her pictures, it was hard to decide.  She liked most of them and loved several.  What to do with the pictures now?  
I now think more options is actually harder to decide than when you have fewer options of where to hang things.

That is the step that most clients are not prepared for and they don't know how to decide easily, if we don't walk through the process from the beginning.  As a client, I first meet with you to help plan your session and the end result.  Meeting in my studio skips the step of planning specifically where to put the final portraits and deciding what you want is a harder at the ordering appointment.  I have special presentation software that lets me show the pictures and sort them into files.  After we are done with that, we then can view them side by side to decide which ones work best for your needs.  Then, we can create layouts of wall collections to showcase your favorite portraits.  Last, we pull up the snapshots of your rooms and then we show your favorite images and wall collections on your walls to correct scale.  Suddenly, the 16x20 over the sofa seems way too small.  And the 8x10 on a mantel doesn't show the facial expressions and details of a portrait that they are in love with.  It is great as a photographer, because then you know exactly what you want and are able to choose much more easily.  

With this client, we ended up creating a beautiful wall collection.  I love the combination of pictures she chose.  They look great together and really printed nicely.  The canvas collection will be gorgeous in their home.  They also purchased some framed collections to share with extended family.  The best part, is that the fun memories of that day aren't stuck on a disc in a drawer or on the computer after being showcased on facebook.  The family will enjoy these pictures every day.  The memories, smiles and laughter overshadow the daily stresses we often focus on.  The feelings of togetherness will linger for generations.  Prominently displayed in their home, these portraits make a statement about what is most important to this family.  And that is a powerful thing.  And THAT is why I am so passionate about being a family photographer here in Boise!  

Welker Photography-2456Welker Photography-2456

Here are their pictures in the chosen layout wrapped in plastic and ready for pick up.  (I think they will be much improved on her wall and off my carpet.)

Family PhotographerWelker Photography order for a family photo sessionAs a family Photographer, this is the best part. When clients come to pick up their images, I LOVE the smile on their faces. Most of all, the fun memories of the day come back all at once and they are very excited to display their wall pieces right away. LOVE this wall collection and gifts. And this is the video I created that they see at their preview and ordering session.  Most clients get their video to share with friends.  After purchase, I get to showcase it here, as well.  I LOVE the way you get such a good feeling about this family.

Family Photographer Video This family Portrait session resulted in a lot of favorite photos. Here are the previews (not all edited) for them to enjoy before making their selections. Welker Photography would love to make a similar video for your family photography session!


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