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Welker Photography 2013-0442-2Welker Photography Twins looking too cute together!these little boys got into the same type of position all at once. It wasn't staged but it sure was cute. I love their matching cute smiles and squinting eyes! This summer I have been SO busy I haven't had much time to post here, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from a session I had in late July.

These are twins who had just turned 1.  They are too cute for words and I couldn't get enough of them!  I wanted to capture not only what they look like, but the relationship they have.  They also love books, so I wanted to include that and one of Grandma's beautiful quilts in the pictures.

But, one of the boys was 

squinting all day.  It was darling, but parents want outdoor pictures and some people squint more than others.  ( I am one of those.)  So, we didn't get any pictures that thrilled us of this darling twin.  So, I insisted we do another brief photo session.  They boys were rested and we started very early.  We went to Camel Back park this time and used another beautiful Grandma quilt.  The boys were darling in the early morning light.  And here are the results. 

This slideshow shows the unedited pictures I gave them to choose from.  I know they aren't consistent and finished looking, but the boys are cute.

Their final choices are all fixed up and pretty and their beautiful canvas collection was just picked up.  I LOVE Seeing the final images hanging in my clients homes.  My pictures make me so happy, that I hope they will feel that way too.  It isn't home until pictures of my babies are on the walls!

Which one is your favorite?


I think I like these 3 best.  (Today.  Ask me again for a different answer tomorrow!)

Welker Photography 2013-0514-2young family reading together in Boise IdahoCute family spending time together in Boise by the green belt. Welker Photography loves outdoor pictures

Boise Idaho family Photographer-3506wrestling twin babies in Camel's Back Park Boise by Welker PhotographyThese little boys had fun together on Grandma's beautiful quilt. As you can see, they are utterly adorable. Welker Photography 2013-0342-2 tweaked colorBeautiful Twin baby boys at the Powerhouse event center in Boise Idaho - 100 year old brickThese darling twins look great in front of the brick and between their parents legs. Yes, the parents are very tall. And the boys were SO darn cute. The large canvas of this turned out fabulous!





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