Family Photos On Campus

September 24, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Recently, I got to take photos of a fabulous family.  They are SO much fun.  The parents met at Albertson's College - now the College of Idaho.  It was a big part of their life.  So, we thought that might be a fun place to take their family pictures.  

The little boys were happy and lively.  It was really fun trying to keep up with them.  I think we got some great pictures of the boys being happy and a few where they looked a bit  goofy.  When I take pictures, I want to show a whole range of emotions.  I like to include the outtakes in the video that my clients view of their images.  Coming in and sitting down in my studio, they get to sit back and see their pictures for the first time on a large, plasma tv.  The video is set to music and is adapted to the personalities and ages of my clients.  (babies and high school seniors do not get the same video style or soundtrack.)  Then, we sort through the pictures to find the ones that they like best and choose how they want to display their images.  It is so much fun.  I LOVE to see my  clients get just what they want and feel confident in their decision.

Well, after meeting with this Mother, we put together a great wall collection with pictures of the boys and a large one of the whole family.  I know when I get my pictures on my wall, it feels like home.  But, until they are up, it feels like a generic house.  So, I love to see my clients purchase beautiful images to decorate their home.  

These boys will grow up with large images displayed prominently.  I think that sends a message of what the family values.  But, these boys are so cute, I may get some of these pictures for my very own walls.  The personalities of these two little ones are amazing.  I LOVE the little one's sweetness and playful streak.  He sure loves to smile at his brother.  The older one is too funny.  After a 5 minute conversation and taking pictures throughout, he said, "Can you get my head in the next one?"   Here is the picture I had just taken:

Kids are so much fun to work with.  I love to hear what they have to say and they do have their own ideas about how to pose, smile, and what to wear for their photos.  That is the part I love best - capturing that personality and uniqueness in photos.  

Enjoy this video of the little boys!



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