Senior Location Photos

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High School Seniors deserve the best photo session experience.  Part of that means taking photos on location.  Some Seniors want to do an indoor studio session.  The ability to control light inside is great for creating good pictures.  But, on location, we chill out and get more relaxed and real pictures.  

This is Miryssa.  She wanted to go to 'the Strip' - an area in Hyde Park neighborhood.  There are antique stores, candy shops, and great architecture so it's a great location for pictures.  To catch her fun personality and love of music, we brought her guitar along.  

Her guitar was in a lot of pictures because Miryssa sings and plays in a band.  

Miryssa loves the charm of the downtown area and I love the charm of Miryssa.

Anyone who knows her is going to like these pictures.  She is so quick to smile, so fun and pretty, too.  What more could a high school senior photographer be looking for?

Miryssa also wanted some studio shots in black and white.  Those were a lot of fun to do.  She sings so well and I really liked hearing her.  Can you tell she puts her whole heart into it?

Here are a few indoor shots from the session.

Miryssa was great to work with and I think her portraits reflect who she is.  Going on location and getting the black and white shots with the moody black background was best to reflect her style.  

What style are you?















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