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I just got some new packaging for the studio and I love it!  packaging materials for photographers Boise Idaho Photographer-9626

When clients come in to get their art work, they are so excited to see their portraits.  Now, it will be dressed up for the occasion!  

For portraits, I first wrap them in several sheets of colored tissue paper.  Then, I use large envelopes that are made from hand made artisan paper to wrap them up.  And last, I finish with ribbon to get a fun and fresh look that I think represents my style.

For wallets or other little goodies, I have mini bags.  They are stuffed with green tulle that looks a bit like tissue paper inside the bag.  Then, I add their purchase and tie it up with a matching ribbon and the same sticker I sealed their tissue paper with inside the envelope.

For the albums, they come in their own boxes, so I just add tissue paper and put them in a large bag.  


I LOVE taking pictures, I love wrapping them up for delivery, and I LOVE watching the clients inspect their pictures and enjoy how beautiful they are!  

Here are a few more pictures and I can't wait to show you the albums and gifts wrapped up!

photography presentation materials for photographersBoise Idaho Photographer-9634

artisan envelope with bowsBoise Idaho Photographer-9631

final product presentation materials for photographersBoise Idaho Photographer-9629



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