YIKES! Unexpected moment at a senior photo session

June 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
You can only plan so much.  I often think I have seen it all, and then something happens to change my mind.  Like yesterday...
I have done so many senior photo sessions and I just love them!  Each person is so very different and I love that half adult / half kid age.  They can be goofy and have fun, but they also can be so grown up.  It is a great age for taking pictures!  I do these sessions very often and think that it is my favorite type of photography.  I studied posing, working with clients, lighting, and technical aspects of my equipment to the point that I consider myself to be a specialist among Senior Photographers.
I also enjoy pet photography.  This is a completely different animal (get it? Animal?) than people portraiture.  Learning how to get them to pose in an outdoor setting is a challenge.  Learning the psychology of animals, how to pose them, how to best light and photograph them to get great pet portraits is tough for photographers.  Thought it isn't my primary line of work, I do like it a lot.  I have had numerous photo sessions with different breeds of dogs and herds of kittens and other pets.  They are unpredictable, but usually not a big handful.
So, when I was scheduled for a high school senior photo session with a young man who graduated from Boise High School recently, I was excited to take pictures of him, and include a few with his dog and with his mother.  The young man was doing great and I was having a lot of fun.  We took pictures with a country feel because of the barn, and we took pictures with a more classic and edgy feel as well.  I wanted to get his natural personality coming through.  I really wanted to capture all of his different smiles - the smirk, the big laugh, the friendly smile, the grin, the laughing out loud and throwing my head back smile.  My corny jokes weren't helping anyone relax, but I was able to get some great shots and the session was progressing nicely.  I was trying for a more edgy GQ Type of portrait when it changed.
We were at an outdoor location at a large barn that is used for public events.  Since the area was vacant at the time it seemed natural to let the dog off her leash for a bit.  She explored nearby and was pretty mellow and quiet.  I got on with the photo session and forgot about her completely.  Mom kept and eye on her and watched the session.  About 40 minutes later, we heard chickens!  We didn't see or know about any chickens until that moment.  I thought it was a deserted farm!  We look over at stirred up chickens everywhere and the dog was running through the middle of the flock with one in her mouth!!!
Turns out chicken was fine and it was all just a big scare.  It wasn't funny until later, but  I didn't expect that morning to have a photography subject running around with a frantic chicken in her mouth!
I guess photographing kids and pets will always lead to surprises.  Here's hoping that you have a less eventful day!  
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More pictures coming soon.


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