Riley Senior Pictures

June 21, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Last week, I went out with Riley, his dog and his mom.  We took his senior pictures at a barn in a place called Hidden Springs.  The area is great for lighting except the sprinklers were on so shooting out in the sun was harder.

I made a video of some of my favorite portraits.  These videos are very popular with all my seniors!  Check out his video here:


Riley just graduated from Boise High School.  He is going to study business for fashion management.  I like his Acapulco jacket.  I wanted to get pictures that show his great smile and fabulous eyes.  But, I also wanted to get an edgier look in some of them, to reflect his fashion sense.  It is always fun to start with a person who hasn't done this much and capture all these looks.  Riley is a natural born model, understanding my instructions.  Being a senior photographer is becoming my favorite thing.  I am so glad because that is what I am doing most lately!  

Riley's mom bought some beautiful artwork to enjoy her pictures.  I offer metal prints, canvas prints, traditional photographic prints, and albums.  If I do my job right, my clients LOVE their pictures and if I offer them enough that the just love, we put them in an album.  Designing those is so much fun.  A lot of work, but so rewarding when you see the leather bound hand assembled albums.  Gorgeous!

I love my job!  As a photographer, I get to take people to great places, pose them well, relax them with my sometimes lame jokes, and pause time.  More than that, I love to take these kids and show them how beautiful they really are.  I love seeing their expressions and then their friends responding on facebook.  And I love to see the parents cry when they see their babies with a little bit of kid left and so much adult.  All the years of study have paid off when I see these great images on my clients walls and hear how happy it makes them.




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