Embracing simplicity

June 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The last 6 weeks have been crazy.  We decided to move and it took us much longer than expected to find what we were looking for.  Then, we had to pack up our old house and studio and move it to a new location.  We decided to embrace simplicity.  Our old home was huge and had a giant garage.  Really, who needs an oversized 5 car garage? We wanted to downsize and cut out the fluff in our lives. It was not easy to find a home that met our parameters, taking up 4 weeks of looking, but we knew it as soon as we saw it.  The home is small, has everything we need, and nothing extra.

Before, Welker Photography had a large studio, viewing and ordering room, and a great office.  The beautiful locations at the home, around the home, and in the neighboring foothills was a little more than we needed.  Now, Welker Photography has one good sized room for consulting with clients, taking pictures, and showing images at the ordering session.  I am still working on the furniture arrangement that will work best, but it is coming together.  I won't have such convenience to the beautiful locations, but it is a short drive to those and other locations.

Our old home had a large yard and lots of cleaning to do.  This home is cozy, well laid out, and comes with yard care.  We can focus on our work, our children, their activities, and not have all the other distractions, we had before.  We are loving the focus put back on what is most important and just cleaning the clutter out of our home and our lives.

So, I am ready to embrace true simplicity.  Does that mean I have to unpack?





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