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BFF beautiful Boise photographyBoise Idaho senior photographer fs-7946 black and white When your best friend is moving from Boise Idaho to Singapore for several years, you know that you are going to miss her.  And if you have to move, it is very exciting but it sure is hard to leave all your friends behind.  These beautiful girls decided to get a best friends forever photo session to create some memories and capture them.  They are going to get some prints for their walls and their lockers.  Taking your best friend with you is awesome!laughter by Boise photographersBoise Idaho senior photographer fs-7690-final

As a photographer, I LOVE being part of special events like this.  Sharing with friends.  Having a good time.  Going downtown to find some old brick at the Powerhouse Event Center, and a mural at a skate park under the highway was great.

I believe in best friends.  I believe in Memories.  And right now, I think I believe in a big glass of ice water.  Talk more later!

Giant Smile Idaho PhotographersBoise Idaho senior photographer ws-7767 final improved Pretty in Pink High School GirlBoise Idaho senior photographer ws-7770 final

best boise high school photographer Boise Idaho senior photographer Fs-7904 final style and cropped close up of beautiful high school girlBoise Idaho senior photographer Fs-7779 final pop




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