Seniors in Spring

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I am having SO much fun this season with all my high school clients!  I have photographed for 3 proms, started taking photos of my senior models and put together graduation cards.  It is crazy fun!  This is the best time of year for high school senior photographers.  This post is about a senior model session.  The next post will showcase one of your senior pictures parties.  Then, I will include more prom pictures.  And then, I will throw in some more track pictures!  

Here is a sample graduation card from this year.

senior photographers create lots of graduation announcements


We are busy putting together our marketing campaigns!  We meet lots of seniors and show them how fun we are to work with.  And we have our models do some advertising for us.  Our model's images are used in advertising, website, display pieces, and traveling displays.  They get 2 free photo sessions and model cards to show their friends.  Here are some pictures of one of our models this year. 


For Katie, we had a good time and got some great pictures.  The sun kept hiding behind clouds and it wouldn't stay out for long, but we got some great shots anyway.  Katie is an amazing girl and is big into rodeo, so it seemed natural to take photos at her place.  Katie is with is her current favorite horse and it is an amazing athlete.  I have never seen such a good horse up close before.  Wow.  But for Katie, it is normal because that is Dad's job and what she has grown up with her whole life.  Katie was in her element!  It was so much fun to see her laughing.  She is a beautiful girl!  

Here are Katie's model cards to share with friends.  They measure 5x5 inches and have a scalloped cut edge.  Do you like the front of the back more?  I Can't wait to see the model cards when they get back from the printers!


Katie is a blast to work with.  We had a great time!  We do another photo session in August, so these pictures only have one outfit in them because the big session comes later.  In addition to Rodeo, Katie is also a skier, an amazing artist, and in drama at school.  It will be fun to pull those interests into her next photo session!  Can't wait!

Which picture is your favorite?  Please let me know in the comments below!  It is good to know that someone is listening out in cyberspace!

Yup, high school senior photographers have the best job in Boise!                          





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