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High School Senior Photographers are all vying for attention among the juniors and seniors.  We want to show you how different we are from other photographers.  My job is not to get a picture, or even a good picture.  My job is to create an experience that is memorable and leaves you with amazing photos!  Welker Photography creates and exciting and fun experience and even guys who don't want their pictures taken are won over by the time we are done.  I frequently hear, that was actually really fun!  Music to this photographers ears!High School Senior Photographers in Boise Idaho senior picture closeupBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4323 finished fs

So how do I get the word out? That is the challenge.  But, Welker Photography has discovered a fun way to do it.  We host photo parties for upcoming high school seniors who are excited about getting their senior pictures and want to try out our services.  We have our Junior Model Representatives host these parties. 

Here is how it works:  

We schedule the event and depending on the size of the event, we schedule a larger location than my studio.  

Smiles and energy by Welker Photography high school senior photographers of Boise IdahaoBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4340

Our model spreads the word and invites all of her friends and a few acquaintances.  To do this, she gets a customized online magazine with a private link to share the message with her friends.  The magazine tells all about her event, about Welker Photography, and helps them prepare.  

Welker Photography chooses from the best makeup artists in Boise, Idaho.  The girls come in and look through fashion magazines.  They get ideas and samples of makeup styles they want to try.  Then they show this to the makeup artist who makes it happen.  This is not the official high school senior pictures that photographers do individually.  So, we can go a bit outlandish in the makeup and hair, just for fun.  

The girls have fun talking to each other about clothes, makeup, guys, and hair.  Music is playing and now the event gets moving.  The girls change into their first outfit and take turns in front of the camera.  Since this is a party, we usually only use one background.  This simplifies the job for the photographer and makes all the pictures look connected.  I often use just one position as well since the simplification allows more time to focus on the girls and their expressions.  I study the facial structure and adjust the lighting and posing to give the most attractive look possible.  

Next, I want to create a connection with my subject.  It isn't about getting the picture of what you look like, but of who you are.  I can't do that if I don't know who you are or if you are nervous.  At a real senior session, I have time to work with each person and really get to know them and make sure they are totally relaxed in front of the camera.  It may take a while, but I always manage it.  At a photo party, that can be a challenge because of the time constraint, but we do the best we can.  The posing and lighting are in place, but the expression is the most important part, so we try to show a few different sides to your personality.  Thoughtful, happy, playful, laughing out loud.  There is a child inside - just a little bit still lingering - and a grown woman arriving.  I want to find both of those sides in the pictures.  This makes the events so much fun!  The thoughtful, more serious look.  The smirk.  The laugh so hard your nose crinkles up.  The demure smile.  The peaceful friendly look.  The combination of expressions is my goal, (though it is hard to do in only 15 minutes.)

Senior pictures showing emotions by welker photographyBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4309 welker photography boise idaho senior photographers soft lookBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4328 beautiful edit

fun laughing Boise high school senior by Welker PhotographyBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4327

beautiful girls senior photographers of Boise IdahoBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4325 edited nicely


After that, the girls change into their second outfit.  Sometimes they trade accessories or boots.  Sometimes, they try on a hat or necklace.    The second round of pictures is fun to try to complete the range of emotions.  And of course, we do group shots of friends together and the new friends they have made at the event as well as a picture of everyone together.

Since I have never met with the parents, it is important to get a signed model release.  The girls are minors and I need parental permission to post the pictures online.  When I have permission from each parent, I can show the girls the pictures!  I have selected only the best photos.  I only pick 3-6 of each person.  The purpose isn't to sell pictures or to put together an album.  The event is to show how much fun Welker Photography is to work with and the beautiful results.  Welker Photography posts these pictures on facebook for everyone to see and share with their friends.

Welker photography provides each girl to have one image from the event.  They pick their favorite and have that digital copy as a reminder of the fun event.  The photo parties are scheduled early enough that they look incredible and can go out that night looking fabulous!  Welker Photography isn't like other High School Senior Photographers.  Instead of a postcard in the mail or an ad in the school paper, we want to show how fun we are and grow by word of mouth.  Who will do your senior pictures?


Here are more results from a recent smaller photo party:

fabulous senior photographers of boise idahoBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4445 stylized black and whilte pretty in pink Welker PhotographyBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4337 Colorfully dressed beautiful high school senior pictures by welker photography of boiseBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4437 stylized

nose crinkles by welker photography idahoBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4350 fun laughter at welker photography of boise idahoBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography CTwswm-4393

WElker Photography pictures of high school senior   photographersBoise Idaho High School Senior Photographers Welker Photography-4314


gorgeous girl by welker photography of boise idaho senior photographerswelker photography boise idaho -4885 nicer






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