6 months old

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Six months old!

This is such a fun stage of life.  Babies are not yet mobile but they are alert, playful and fun.  They laugh and smile so readily.  And they aren't all over yet getting in to things.  They might still have 2 naps a day, giving mommy a time to rest.  Their personality is starting to come out.  And they still like other people almost as much as mommy.  This is one of my favorite ages.  

Two weeks ago, I got to photograph a darling baby boy.  He will be called baby boy "T" and I adore him.  His mother brought in some of her favorite clothes for him to wear, but she also wanted some of the obligatory diaper and naked shots.  There is nothing as adorable as the chubby legs and bottom of a darling baby.  

We dressed him up, dressed him down, put a bib on - which he didn't like, put a hat on him, which he also didn't like, and played peek-a-boo.

I took a lot of pictures as I tried to capture all the expressions he has.  It was so much fun.  I could have played all day long.  Newborn and baby photographers have a fabulous job most days of the week.  I considered myself lucky to be able to spend part of the day with him!

Mom came by today and got to see the pictures for the first time.  I had made a video with the pictures and I think she liked it a lot.  Then, we sorted out our favorite images and she chose which ones to take home with her.

I wanted everyone else to see this adorable little boy, so here are some of my favorites from our session.  Which ones are your favorites?  

The end.


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