Track Season

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I love seeing my kids enjoy their sports.  I think it is good for them to have the fun of being part of a team, as well as seeing their own progress as they improve on their best times.

welker PhotographyWelker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers-2031 My son runs for his High School and I have had so much fun sitting near his friends at the track meets and cheering together as each person competes.  I take pictures of them on the track AND in the bleachers.  They love it and ham for the camera.  I love it, too.  I am partial because once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, I ran track and cross country and I couldn't get enough of it!

high school senior prepping for a race by welker photogrraphyWelker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers-2073


happiness in high school kids by Welker PhotographyWelker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers-2177 High school kids are SO much fun and I love being around them.  I wouldn't go back to high school for all the money in the world, because I was so insecure and intimidated then.  I am much happier now.  But, I love kids and their sense of humor, their banter as they tease each other, and the fun as they cheer each other.  It makes me feel young to be around them.  That is why we love having teens hang out at our home.  We always have and some days, it feels like we have about 10 kids instead of the 5 we have!












My daughter is also a runner.

Welker photography captures coach cheering for athleteWelker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers

Yesterday, my daughter had her first track meet.  I got to cheer her on as she ran her first race and got first place!  Then, she was in 2 more events and enjoyed them.  Then we waited for about 2 hours for the last event.  She ran in the 4x400 relay and they got a great time and set the school record!  Not bad for her first track meet!  It was so much fun.running the relay that set the school record captured by welker photography momWelker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers-1792-2

spectators at a boise idaho track meet by welker photography Welker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers-1083

Of course, I got to take pictures of all the students and had so much fun.  I even took pictures of others.  People watching is a blast with a camera and a telephoto lens.  Here is one picture I took as I walked into the stadium and saw 2 kids directly in front of me watching over the railing.  I love how they are both playing with their feet.


Beautiful girl with freckles by Welker PhotographyWelker Photography Boise Idaho Photographers-1594 Another spectator was so beautiful with her freckles and braids that I had to take some pictures of her, too.  She was as sweet as her pretty face!


It is so much fun to be a photographer in the spring at a track meet.  They last for hours and I get plenty of time to take pictures of almost every event.  Then, I make a slideshow video at the end of the year to watch at the team party.  They LOVE those!



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