Christmas Video or Christmas Card?

December 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

As a photographer, my Christmas season is full of taking family and pet pictures and designing holiday cards that my clients will love.  I am completely in my element!  Lately, lots of people are sending digital holiday cards.  So, I decided to offer something like that, but in an upscale and fun way. 

My clients all view their images for the first time in a video showing their photos and often some video footage from their session.   I LOVE seeing their response to the slideshow - laughing, crying, just smiling a little.  Each response is so different and fun.  But, when it is time to choose which portraits to put in their holiday cards, it can be frustrating.  The eventually narrow it down to a few, and we create a design that will showcase their pictures and reflect their personality.  But what about all their other favorite portraits?  

Enter the Christmas video.  I designed one and I am smitten!  Sending this showcases so much personality and fun!  I have 3-5 templates that I work with to create the right style for my clients.  And can you imagine how much fun this would be to get in your inbox?  My clients love sharing their favorite pictures and I know their friends and family enjoy seeing how their family has changed over the years.  This lets them connect even more.  These are so popular right now and why not?  Who wouldn't want one? Christmas Card Video

So, what happens to the printed cards and which should you send?  I can assure you that the printed cards that photographers sell will continue to be popular.  They are also customized to meet the client's personality and style.  Each card will delight it's recipients.  They display a few photos and send a beautiful message.  The tradition will continue.  So many of us look forward to the Holidays precisely because we get happy mail as much as bills for a change!  Connecting with friends from the mailbox is just not common anymore.  And those friendly and loving messages mean a lot.

allison backallison back

allison frontallison front

So, which should you choose?  What style is right for you?  Well, that depends completely on your personality, but I would recommend both!  Both?  That seems redundant.  Yup.  But, the video will delight them and be shown over and over.  It is fun to see and show to others.  It is unusual and just plain exciting to get.  The greeting card is a tradition that is hard to part with.  And it can be displayed in their home.  There are beautiful ways to show off and enjoy those cards for months to come.  I am particularly fond of the old fashioned refrigerator magnets.  (tacky, I know, but then I see them every time I go in the kitchen and I love seeing those pictures for months.  Displays for Christmas cards are usually taken down with the tree.  I want to see those friends's faces long after the holidays!)

I may be a bit overkill, but as a photographer, my clients can share the love and connect with their family and friends for a long time in both ways.

What would you do?  Please leave a comment to let me know what you think of the new style.  Thanks!

And it isn't too late or too early to consider doing this for you and your family.


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