A Modern Christmas Story

December 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

A Modern Day Christmas Story:

It has been a long week. After getting so many orders placed to make sure my clients' photos and gifts are here in time for the big day, I got in the car to drive to Rexburg, 5 hours away to pick up my daughter, Allison, with all her things and head home the next day. I was already pretty tired from having worked late to meet my deadlines About 2/3 of the way there, I had car troubles and got stuck at a gas station just west of Pocatello. 

A man walked in as I wondered what to do. He was wearing a BYU hat, so we instantly had that in common and it was easier to ask this stranger for help. A gut feeling told me he was here to help me.  1532118_10202858995778100_1428694645_n1532118_10202858995778100_1428694645_n

So I asked if he had a socket set to tighten what I thought looked loose. He said yes but lets see what the problem is. He got his flashlight and figured out what was actually wrong. Being a long haul truck driver, he knew plenty about engines. Then, he helped fix it up enough to get me going to the repair shop and rental company. 

So, if anyone wants to know what an Angel looks like, here is his picture. Camera phones don't work well after the sun sets, but the kindness in his face shows through. I never even asked his name. But, I gave him a hug!

But, the saga continues. We got our car back and got the rental car returned the next day and I was pretty tired. We drove up to get her things at college and load her up. My daughter took a bit longer to pack than we expected and I wasn't much help because I was so worn out and a bit sick to my stomach. But we got the help of another angel in the form of Jacob who carried and organized and packed our suburban full. Then we got home kind of late. 

We were very tired so we crashed early. At 4 am, my little girl started vomiting. It was even on the walls. The next Angel was my daughter, Allison who got up and cleaned everything! I got to rest to prepare for the long drive home. 

Now, I woke up feeling slightly nauseous. But, no surprise, another Angel. My next door neighbor, Heather called and told me she went to the elementary school since we would miss the last day. She picked up my daughter's book order Christmas gifts and asked if she could wrap them for me! She is storing another gift to keep peeking eyes away and she bought a box to wrap that in and is taking care of that. 

I was having a bit of a pity party, but I looked back and noticed all the helpers who had been sent my way. It wasn't without looking for it that I could so clearly see the pattern. I took the helpers for granted. 

I completely respect those who don't believe in God and support their freedom of "religion" to believe what they want. Because of that, I don't want people to be offended by what I am sharing here. I personally believe in angels and that God is taking very good care of me. May you find many of your own angels as you look at your life this holiday season.


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