Two beautiful daughters

November 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


This photo session started on a beautiful fall day that was warm and sunny.  It worried a little about squinting so we tried to avoid the bright sun.  We started on a big field of grass and got a few nice pictures, but people usually start out kind of stiff.  

The youngest one started loosening up, though and her sweetness showed through.  You can see some of that in the pictures, but it isn't just the dimple, the pretty eyes and the amazing eyelashes.  She carries herself with a mixture of shyness and happiness that I can't really describe.  I imagine that this is what a fairy would be like. 

The older one is equally beautiful and her large eyes have an amazing depth.  She has equally amazing eyelashes.  But my favorite part was how she took care of her sister.  She would take her by the hand, watch out for her, and was very gentle with her.  Sibling rivalry seemed to be an unknown concept here.  

Mom and Dad were great, too.  Seeing the dad looking at his daughters could melt an iceberg.  You could see he has a close relationship with his girls.  What a wonderful thing to be cherished by your daddy from a young age.  Mom was equally loving and involved with the girls.  There was just such a close feeling there, that day.  

I don't know if they are always this loving and supportive, but I sure wish days like this could last forever!  Beautiful fall colors, warm, sunny indian summer weather, and sibling and family love.  Who wouldn't want more of that?

I made a video to show them their pictures.  Please leave a comment and tell me which picture you like best.  Thanks!



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