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I love taking pictures and making people happy.  Being a photographer, this is what drew me into the business.  It is so much fun to help people relax in front of the camera and help them to pose, not in stiff ways, but so they look their best.  There is so much fun connected with each session.  This is one of my three favorite parts of my work.  

The second is when I get to show them their pictures for the first time.  Everyone enjoys this.  Some of my clients even cry.  Most of them laugh.  A lot.  Afterall, they are enjoying pictures that we had a lot of fun taking.  And I try to capture every personality.   I've put a lot into the presentation software, the big television, the video editing software, and of course the time and expense in editing the images, creating the personalized video presentations and preparing for the ordering appointment.  So, the work is finally done.  I have put it all together, and then when my clients come in, I get to see their faces as they look at their pictures.  I LOVE that and never get tired of it.  I think every family photographer feels the same way.  When mom cries, it warms my heart,  When Dad tears up at the photo session, It makes my day!  My goal is to make them feel so much happiness, love and connection that they will have those memories and good feelings forever!  

The last favorite part is when I deliver the products to my clients.  Seeing their portraits saturated with good memories going out the door to their home makes my heart feel happy.  Most of my clients first contact me thinking they want digital files.  Then, they leave with beautiful products ready to hang and display their images for generations.  In the end, they are much happier.  I LOVE these parts of my job SO much!  In fact, some of my clients cry again, tears of joy!  Even if they spent more than they expected, they are so happy.  Maybe it helps that I guarantee all of my work.  Maybe it is that I think of my clients as friends.  And maybe it is just that I know what those pictures will mean to them on their walls.  This is where they compliment me and make me feel amazing!  And then they think of me as their photographer and call me whenever they need a photographer.  I LOVE having that relationship with them that goes on through the years!  That is the best part of being a photographer.  Friendship and being a part of their family's life through the years!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

But, there are other aspects to being a photographer that are less enchanting- such as: the bookkeeping, the taxes, (YEAH, I know that is part of bookkeeping but it is so awful I had to mention it twice.) the marketing, the editing, and the the order placing are just not as much fun.  In fact, I don't like some of those chores at all.  The hardest for me is that I tend to be a perfectionist.  I am known for second guessing every decision.  How can I make it better?  It slows down my work and causes stress.  But I want everything to be perfect!  

I just spent much of the last 4 months creating my new 16 page 'Products and Prices' magazine that I give to clients at the design consultation in their home.  I don't consider myself much of a writer and setting up the layouts and design was more involved than I wanted it to be.  Choosing which pictures to put and where can be really hard, too.  The final result still needs a bit of tweaking before the next version, but it is coming back from the printers by Friday! 

I got it done.  Phew, I am so happy, so relieved, and just a little bit proud!  In fact, a lot proud.  So, I am going to share the front cover and a few pages inside.  And when you book your photo session with Welker Photography and I arrive for your design consultation, you can have your very own!

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05 Product Guide RK (2)05 Product Guide RK (2)

06 Product Guide RK (2)06 Product Guide RK (2)



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