Holidays straight ahead, approaching at hypersonic speed!

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holiday cards coverholiday cards cover It's that time of year!  The holidays are upon us very soon and many of us are already putting together our Christmas cards.  Have you thought about that?

Getting cards from my friends is one of my favorite parts of the holidays!  We especially like to stay in touch with friends who have moved away, or coworkers that we don't often see the personal side of our lives.  Seeing how much little Johnny has grown, or how Emily is in middle school, are fun things to find out and connect me with my friends and loved ones.

I have a list that I keep updated on a spreadsheet that doesn't change a lot through the years.  When cards come each December, I keep the return address labels to put into my address list in case of changes.

But, what do I send?  Picture cards.  I can send good wishes with love and photos of my family.  That is my favorite to have and to send.  Some years, I just send pictures of the kids.  But, pictures are required each year.  Then, I like a creative style that is different each year.  Showcasing my pictures is important and I like to do it with cards that aren't like anyone else's.

I love getting in touch again with those friends who have been relegated to the annual Christmas card.  I wouldn't have them on my list without caring for them.  (this isn't LinkedIn after all... ) but I don't take the time in today's world of instant connection, to write letters send mail, or stay in touch with loved ones who are not in the internet.  I love the holidays for how it gives me an excuse for such a happy thing as sending love and joy to people I care about.

Since I am SO passionate about Christmas Cards, I would LOVE to help design yours.  Our cards are so diverse and can be adapted to fit your needs.  And our options are amazing.  You will love the feel of the bamboo paper and the impression it leaves on your friends. The cut designs are so unique and beautiful.  And the lined or colored envelopes make your cards look amazing!

Call us today to find out about our cards.  This season is going to pass quickly and then it will be too late.  Take the time to return to this wonderful tradition and lift others with your messages and love.

And may your days be merry and bright all the way through the rest of November and throughout the Holiday season!


~~~Click Here for our Holiday cards page~~~

You can see our options, samples, colors and get ideas for your cards.  When a templated doesn't have a matching back/front, it is because your favorite picture is to go on the other side all the way to the edges.  This holiday cards page has a link to even more of our templates!  Enjoy browsing and let us know if something strikes your fancy, or if you want a different color, font, or wording!  I can't wait to put something together that you will LOVE!

allison backallison back joyful season front 1joyful season front 1 joyful season back in white and dark greenjoyful season back in white and dark green


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