Bishop Kelly High School Senior

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Bishop Kelly Senior-6960 stylizedBishop Kelly Senior-6960 stylized Taking pictures of Jake was great.  In addition to his fascinating eyes (one blue and one green, golden brown and a little blue) Jake runs Track and Cross Country, likes to be outdoors, and hangs out with his dog Nuke.  We wanted to capture who he is so for his senior pictures, we went to Kathryn Albertson Park on a crowded day in September.  We started with a few pictures of Jake and his dog, Nuke.  Nuke loves to fetch and is skillful at letting you know when he wants to play.  I don't think it is possible to not fall in love with this dog!  

Then, we went out to the foothills and found a cave.  It's pretty cool out there and we took pictures of Jake up on the cliffs, at the edge of the road, and right in the middle of the road.  It was pretty dusty when cars drove by, but Jake was a born model.  I loved how he looked so serious one minute but was quick to smile and laugh.  He put up with my stupid jokes like a good sport and made taking photos easy.

Our next stop was Bishop Kelly High School.  I've found that all seniors have school spirit.  Some have more than others.  But, I think those that go to school at BK have the most.  I think they should since Bishop Kelly has an exceptional academic and sports program and top it off with a good moral and religious education for well rounded students.  All of the BK students I have worked with have been excellent kids and a lot of fun.  (I am sure that trend will continue!)

At Bishop Kelly High School, we took the obligatory pictures in front of the storage areas that were once railroad cars.  The Bold lettering and designs painted on are great natural backdrops and a lot of fun to pose in front of.  Then, we went over to the track for some pictures.  That was fun, but it was raining a bit so it made it harder to get the right shots.  Freezing movement in bright light is always easier.  Cloudy and rainy isn't as much fun.  But there were some breaks in the clouds and I think we got a good variety of pictures.  Again, Jake was a natural and patient with all the stuff I wanted to try.

Everyone has a lot of different qualities that make them unique.  One of Jake's qualities is eyes in two different colors.  One is blue.  One is green and golden brown.  That was a lot of fun.  Each person also has different smiles - the smirk, the full blown, throw your head back laughter, the shy smile, the frozen "say cheese" smile, etc.  I wanted to get a lot of variety and Jake was easy going and fun.  In the end, we have a collection of pictures that show his "Jakeness."  Yeah, I love my job and Jake made it easy.  Thanks!!  Take a look at the outtakes in the video below to see the best smiles!

Here are a few highlights.  When you watch the video, make sure you are seeing it in HD quality.

Bishop Kelly Senior-8043 edited againBishop Kelly high school seniorAt Bishop Kelly in the formal shot in front of the railroad car. Love this background.

Bishop Kelly Senior-6919Bishop Kelly Senior-6919 Bishop Kelly Senior-6862Bishop Kelly Senior-6862 Bishop Kelly Senior-7742 improvedBishop Kelly Senior-7742 improved Bishop Kelly Senior-7466 improved with vignetteBishop Kelly Senior-7466 improved with vignette Bishop Kelly Senior-7235 finalBishop Kelly Senior-7235 final

There are more here in his video.  Which one do you like best?

Oh, and one last picture of Nuke the dog, begging for me to toss him the ball.  Can you just see that anticipation in his face?  I love this dog!

boise Idaho family photographers- editedboise Idaho family photographers- edited


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