fall leaves and family photo sessions in Boise, Idaho

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1385341_600162506708468_2038288686_nFall leaves for a location photo session in Boise, Idahothis is the site for next week's family photo session. The resulting Christmas cards will be gorgeous! This last week, the leaves have been turning even faster than usual.  I am amazed at how beautiful it makes our world look.  As the city of Trees, Boise is a great place for family photographers in the fall.  Whether I am photographing a family with 5 kids, or a couple with no kids, fall leaves make an excellent background and fabulous weather for photography sessions.

So many families are starting to think about the holidays coming up and what they will do for gifts for their parents and grandparents.  They think about Holiday cards, too.  Now is the time to put that in motion.  If you want a beautiful outdoor backdrop like a fall leaves photography session in Boise, then you need to schedule a session soon.  The nice weather and leaves are partly so popular because they don't last for long.  If we had such beauty all year round, we might take it for granted.  As is, we tend to appreciate it and enjoy it more.  

1381284_10202290459045037_1213533552_n1381284_10202290459045037_1213533552_n When was the last time you made a pile of leaves and jumped into it?  When was the last time you played with your child and went on a leaf hunt for the perfect leaf.  I am a self-proclaimed work-a-holic, but yesterday I took a break with my 8 year old and we hunted for the perfect fall leaf.  I ended up with a dining table full of leaves, a living room carpet full of leaves, and quite a few stuck to my fridge.  But, I also took the time to create a fun memory for my little girl and connected to her.  The mess is easy to clean up.  The memory will last forever.  

That is what I am so passionate about - creating fun, beautiful memories to decorate your home with.  I know that custom photography is a luxury that not everyone values.  But, I have seen it bless my family's life and I know it is worth every penny.  If you want to stick to a chain store photographer, that is great for some.  It is affordable and quick.  But, I offer meaningful photography with sincere expressions, great memories, and beautiful lighting on location.  That is not something that a chain store offers.  I even help you plan your session and the locations you want to display your images.  This kind of service makes your fall photo session in Boise, a joy, not a chore.  

So, when you are thinking of what to get grandparents for Christmas or how to plan your holiday cards, know that we have the answer here.  Great memories and a part of you that they can enjoy all year long!  Welker Photography is here to make this happen.  Call now to book a fall photo session in Boise with these beautiful fall leaves, before they are gone.  

This location should be perfect by next week:





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