Adventurous Family Photo session

October 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Finding clients with a sense of adventure is SO much fun!  They didn't want a picture like anyone else's.  So, we didn't want to shoot by a pond, waterfall, or barn.  

First, we took pictures in a box.  This is a 4 ft cube that is so much fun.  We then take the pictures and stack them together in a fun way - think "The Brady Bunch" and then, we went outdoors.  I have a 1936 fire engine that makes a great prop.  And we took pictures there.  It was a fun session and their personalities really came through.  We got the artsy and edgy style they wanted, as well as the fun, the laughter and the closeness of the family.  It doesn't ever hurt that they are so beautiful and so happy!

Here are some of the results. 




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